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Guangzhou Da Qian Yuan Plastic Company is a large-scale manufacturer integrating design, production and sales. We specializes in 3C accessories mainly including mobile phone cases, chargers, car holders and other plastic products.

Funded in 2009, our company has gone through 8 years with time and technology accumulation. We not only own a modern plant building covering an area of more than 1500 square meters, but also have professional designing teams, experienced technical teams and excellent sales teams.

Platina and YESIDO are two famous international brands created by our company. Products under the brands of Platina are created basing on the high-end business design style and are popular among the businessmen in China and abroad because of their concision, fashion, modern and practicability while products under the brands of YESIDO attract more young customers because of their innovative and avant-garde designs. Each brand has its own characteristics and offers the users with different feelings and service to meet their needs.

We are an energetic and creative enterprise. We constantly create advanced premium products on the strength of our endless inspiration and exquisite craftsmanship. We also provide quality, efficient and personalized one-stop service for our clients depending on their needs when we provide the regular production.

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+86 13711476640

9:00 a.m -- 18:00 p.m

Office Add:Room 2FA-06, T28Class, No.16, East of                                     Haokezhou Street, Shixi Village, Haizhu District,

                   Guangzhou, China

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